5 best bed sheets on amazon 2022

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Since Amazon carries millions of products, it should come as no surprise that the online retail powerhouse has plenty of options for bed sheets. But the problem with so much variety is that it can make it difficult to choose. Rather than choosing between a handful of popular sheet styles, you have access to virtually every type of bed sheets imaginable.

We’ll help you navigate the buying process by highlighting our favorite options in several popular categories. We’ll then go on to explain important factors to consider as you shop on Amazon to help you select the best sheets for you.

Best Overall

CGK Unlimited Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets


Material: 100% brushed microfiber

Who it’s best for:

  • Sleepers who enjoy cool bed sheets
  • People seeking a wide color selection
  • Shoppers on a budget


  • Brushed microfiber feels soft and silky
  • Fabric is wrinkle-resistant and machine washable
  • 19 color options

The CGK Unlimited Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets check a lot of boxes when it comes to dependable bedding that won’t break the bank. These microfiber sheets are soft and cool, with a reasonable price-point and multiple color options compared to some other sets on this list.

The sheets are composed of brushed microfiber, which is known for its silky soft quality. The microfiber feels lightweight and cool to the touch, making this sheet set a good fit for people who overheat easily or live in warmer climates. The sheets are wrinkle-resistant, so you won’t need to worry too much about ironing.

You can pick from 19 color options, ranging from muted shades to jewel tones. The sets are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes. Each set includes six pieces, including a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases – compared to two pillowcases, which is what sheet sets typically include. The fitted sheet is designed to accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

The CGK Unlimited Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets are fully machine washable for easy care.

Most Comfortable

Bare Home Microfiber Sheet Set


Material: 100% polyester microfiber

Who it’s best for:

  • Shoppers looking for a luxury feel on a modest budget
  • Those with distinct color preferences
  • Sleepers who prefer a smooth finish


  • Ultra-soft double-brushed microfiber
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Wrinkle-resistant

The Bare Home Microfiber Sheet Set is soft and smooth like your favorite luxury hotel sheets, but the price can fit into most budgets.

This set uses premium ultra-soft double-brushed microfiber crafted for softness and breathability. These heavyweight sheets are durable and can be machine washed. Since the fabric is resistant to wrinkles, it has a smooth look and feel without the need for ironing. The microfiber also resists dust mites and allergens.

The set comes in 28 colors, including popular hues like white and black, and less common options like orange, aqua, and coral. In addition to the six standard mattress sizes, full XL, split king, split California king, and split head flex king sizes are available. Each fitted sheet has a 15-inch pocket that should accommodate mattresses between 6 and 15 inches thick.

Best Value

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set


Material: 100% polyester microfiber

Who it’s best for:

  • Budget shoppers
  • Those who want colorful or patterned sheets
  • Sleepers who like a super soft feel


  • 40+ color options
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Soft, durable constructio

AmazonBasics, Amazon’s private-label brand, produces affordably-priced everyday items, like the AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set. The comfortable feel and remarkably low price of this sheet set offer shoppers value for money.

The set is composed of polyester microfiber that balances breathability and an insulating feel. This silky, supple material is exceptionally soft to the touch. It resists wrinkles, so the sheets are smooth right out of the dryer without any ironing. Since these bed sheets resist shrinking and are strong and durable, they should also hold up well over time.

Each fitted sheet has elastic all the way around the perimeter and should accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

This set comes in the six standard mattress sizes, and shoppers can also purchase extra pillowcases separately. There are 44 color and pattern options, including standard selections, like white and cream, and more distinctive looks, like grey cheetah and teal scallop. The AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set is made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory and comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects.

Best Deep Pocket

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set


Material: 100% polyester microfiber

Who it’s best for:

  • Sleepers who like a silky soft feel
  • Those comforted by generous return and warranty policies
  • Shoppers looked for patterned or colorful sheets


  • 40+ color options
  • Silky-soft microfiber
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

With a smooth feel, generous pocket depth, customer-friendly policies, and a massive array of color and pattern options, the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set stands out as an appealing choice for shoppers.

Extra soft brushed polyester microfiber makes up these luxuriously silky sheets. This material is durable and resists fading, staining, and shrinking. It’s also hypoallergenic, repelling dust mites and other allergens. Air can circulate through the sheets, and they wick away moisture for a cooler, drier night’s sleep. Since microfiber is wrinkle-resistant, the set should maintain a smooth, polished look without ironing.

The Mellanni Bed Sheet Set comes in 44 color and pattern options, including neutral colors, jewel tones, and paisley.

All six standard mattress sizes are available, as is split king. The standard fitted sheet works with mattresses up to 16 inches deep, with elastic all the way around for a secure fit. An extra deep pocket version is also available for full and queen sizes, and it can accommodate mattresses between 17 and 21 inches thick.

The Mellanni Lifetime Promise allows for returns with no questions asked if the customer is not satisfied, and a lifetime warranty protects against defects.


Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets


Material: 100% viscose derived from bamboo

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who like sheets with a subtle sheen
  • People with sensitive skin


  • Bamboo-derived viscose is temperature-neutral
  • Soft, smooth texture
  • Versatile for any climate and season

The Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets have a buttery soft feel and exceptional temperature regulation. The sheets are also hypoallergenic, and their soft, smooth texture is gentle on the skin.

These sheets are made of 250 thread count viscose derived from bamboo, which adjusts to the sleeper’s body temperature to insulate when they need extra warmth while allowing enough airflow to prevent excessive heat retention. The material also wicks away moisture to keep you more comfortable if you sweat during the night. Because of this balance, the Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets could be a good option for year-round use in both hot and cold climates.

Mattresses up to 16 inches deep can fit inside the pocket of the fitted sheet. Each pillowcase has an envelope closure to limit pillow shifting. A subtle sheen and good drape give the set a refined look.

Twin, queen, and king sizes are available, and there are four color options: white, light grey, grey, and beige.

How to Choose Sheets on Amazon

With so many options to choose from, shopping for sheets on Amazon can be daunting. Paying attention to key factors, like the materials, styles, customer reviews, and seller reputations, can make the process easier and help you focus on what matters most.

What to Consider When Buying Sheets on Amazon

Most of the following criteria are important to take into account when you purchase any sheet set, but some are specific to the Amazon platform. Understanding these key factors can help you select sheets that balance comfort, style, value, and durability.


Sheets use a wide variety of materials in their constructions, and each can impact the feel, appearance, performance, and durability. Every material has potential benefits and drawbacks, so finding the right option for you requires balancing your priorities and preferences. Since Amazon carries such a huge selection, shoppers should be able to find sheets in virtually any common material.


Weave refers to how the individual threads are interlaced to form the fabric. It can affect how a sheet set feels, looks, and performs. Percale and sateen are two of the most common weaves found on Amazon and at other retailers.


Feel describes the sensation of the fabric against the skin. Sheets may be silky, buttery, fuzzy, velvety, crisp, or rough depending on their materials, weave, and quality. The best feel for you will depend on personal preference, but you can get a clearer idea of what a sheet set may feel like by reading customer reviews.


Purchasing sheets that fit properly can prevent unnecessary bunching and shifting while making it easier to keep the fitted sheet on the mattress. Most shoppers can just purchase a set that corresponds to their mattress size. However, if you have a high-profile model, you should double-check the depth of the fitted sheet to ensure it can accommodate the extra height. Many sheet set listings on Amazon specify how thick of a mattress they can fit.


Sheet sets range in price from under $20 to over $1,000, though most average between $50 to $150. The selection of sheets on Amazon reflects this, and there are options across all price-points.

Thread Count

Thread count is often seen as an indicator of quality, but this isn’t always the case. Some manufacturers inflate the thread count without necessarily improving the quality, so numbers can be deceptive. Additionally, some types of sheets, like microfiber and flannel, are more often judged by their weight in grams per square meter (GSM) rather than thread count. While many Amazon listings note the thread count of the sheets, this should not be the only factor you look at when making your choice.

Design, Color and Pattern

Some sheet sets are limited to just one color option, but others have dozens of hues to better fit your aesthetic. Since Amazon carries so many options, shoppers can select between countless colors and patterns.


If air can circulate well through sheets, they’re considered breathable. Breathable sheets are less likely to trap excess body heat, which makes them a strong option for hot sleepers and those in warm climates. However, breathable sheets can also be comfortable in cold weather when paired with a blanket. Amazon carries a robust selection of breathable sheet sets, many of which note their temperature regulation as a selling point.


Durability is how well sheets hold up over time. Pilling, tearing, snagging, and thinning can limit the usable lifespan of a set. While durability can be hard to judge at a glance, reading customer reviews on Amazon might give you an idea of what to expect.

Ease of Care

Since bedding should be washed regularly, ease of care is an important consideration. Sheet sets on Amazon typically detail their care instructions within the product description so that you know what to expect before buying. While many are machine-washable and dryable, we recommend reviewing the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you don’t inadvertently damage your new sheets.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback may not match your experiences since each person’s perspective is unique. However, it can still provide valuable insight that might make it easier to decide which sheets are best for you. Amazon’s built-in review system makes it easy to compare ratings. Shoppers can see the overall rating, read reviews, and look for search terms within the reviews to assess specific criteria, like breathability and quality.

Seller Reputation

Anyone can sell products on Amazon. Before you purchase sheets through the platform, check to see who is selling it. We recommend buying through Amazon or the manufacturer itself. If you’re purchasing from a third-party, you’ll see its name listed after “sold by.” Click the link for vendor reviews to help determine if it’s a reputable company.

What Types of Sheets are Available on Amazon?

Amazon has a massive selection of sheets in virtually any material you can think of and some you’ve probably never considered. While this selection spans most price ranges, some types of sheets cost more than others based on their materials and construction.


Made from natural fibers, cotton is one of the most traditional materials used in sheets. It tends to be soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, but its overall feel and performance will also depend on the type of cotton and the weave of the material.

Eco-conscious shoppers often prefer organic cotton because its farming methods reduce the environmental impact.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is virtually synonymous with luxury because its extra-long staple fibers make sheets especially soft and durable. However, these sheets typically carry a higher price tag. Customers should be careful when purchasing bedding made of this material because some manufacturers use the term loosely with little to no authentic Egyptian cotton. If you’re paying a premium price, check to make sure the material is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association.


Supima cotton is a popular alternative to Egyptian cotton. While it has extra-long staple fibers that make it soft and durable like its luxurious cousin, Supima cotton is grown in the United States and typically costs less.


Flannel sheets may be made of cotton, polyester, wool, or a blend of materials. These sheets are typically warm and cozy, making them well suited for cold winter nights. However, many sets are also breathable enough to limit excessive heat buildup. Brushed flannel typically has a soft, fuzzy feel, while unbrushed is stiffer. Most sheet sets use brushed flannel.


Linen sheets are made of natural flax. While they often start out with a rougher feel and a rumpled look, they tend to get softer and more supple over time. Because they are both breathable and moisture-wicking, linen sheets excel in temperature regulation, making them a strong option for hot sleepers and those in warm climates.


Polyester microfiber is a synthetic material that’s generally silky smooth, quick-drying, and durable. Microfiber sheets often replicate the luxurious feel of high-quality cotton at a fraction of the price, making them a favorite of budget shoppers.


Sateen is a weave that generally follows a pattern with four threads over and one thread under. The resulting fabric is typically soft and smooth with a subtle sheen. Sateen tends to be somewhat wrinkle-resistant, but it usually retains more heat than percale.


The percale weave uses a one-over-one-under thread pattern. Percale sheets usually feel crisp and get softer as they age. This weave is prone to wrinkles, so to maximize the crispness, ironing may be necessary. Percale sheet sets are often recommended for hot sleepers because they are highly breathable.


Silk is a natural material derived from the cocoons of silkworms. Sheets made of silk are soft and smooth to the touch and have a lustrous sheen and liquid-like appearance. The material also tends to be highly durable and gentle on sensitive skin. Since they can feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, silk sheets are appropriate for year-round use.


Most sheets marketed as “bamboo” are made of either lyocell or rayon/viscose derived from the bamboo plant. Bamboo sheets typically resist wrinkles and drape well while feeling silky smooth against the skin. They also tend to be highly breathable and absorbent to keep sleepers cool and dry.

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