10 best inflatable christmas decor that will liven up the neighborhood

February 23, 2023

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Once again, the weather is getting colder, the sun is setting sooner, Halloween candy is getting marked down, and that can mean only one thing: Christmas is coming. But before you can open presents beside the tree, you need to put up said tree. Before you can wave to arriving relatives in the driveway through the window, you need to make those windows properly festive. Before you can have carolers on your doorstep, you need a wreath on your door to greet them.

Boy howdy, holiday decorating sure does come with a lot of hassle, huh? Well, it doesn’t have to. There’s a category of Christmas decorations that are easy to put up, easy to maintain, and, most importantly, easy to store when the holidays are over. We’re talking about inflatable Christmas decor. These air-filled decorations can give you a lawn full of holiday cheer without the endless chore of placing, securing, and later storing cumbersome plastic decor.

From seasonal icons to licensed characters, our top inflatable Christmas decor picks will give your lawn a fun and festive touch by simply plugging them in.

A Cozy Cup

Coobily Gingerbread Man in Hot Cocoa Mug (6 Feet)


Gingerbread and hot cocoa are two great holiday tastes that taste great together. Even this inflatable gingerbread couple agrees, as they adorably float in this giant hot cocoa mug with two little smiling marshmallow buddies and a candy cane for a little extra sweetness.

Penguin Pals

Juegoal Penguins Fishing on Big Polar Bear (8 Feet)


A popular pick for inflatable Christmas decor on Amazon, this particular display of three penguins and a polar bear has garnered a lot of five-star reviews on Amazon. One reviewer notes that it “…inflates quickly and the kids love it.” Another singled out its endurance, noting that “it’s survived rain and mild to moderate wind on a daily basis.”

A Prehistoric Holiday

Twinkle Star Green Dinosaur with Christmas Hat and Gift Box (8 Feet)


Sure, actual dinosaurs existed long before Christmas ever did, but the holiday season is all about what you believe. So if your household wants to have a holly jolly Jurassic Christmas, we say go for it with this adorable inflatable dinosaur holding a gift.

May The Festive Force Be With You

Gemmy R2-D2 and BB-8 Droids to The World Scene (5 Feet)


Even though Lucasfilm has tried very hard to bury the very first time Star Wars and Christmas came together, it seems you can’t keep the holiday season and the galaxy far, far away, too far apart. This adorable inflatable Christmas decor piece features the icons of the OG and sequel trilogies, R2-D2 and BB-8, along with a Rebellion symbol ornament, exclaiming the sentiment “Droids to the World.”

A Colorful Christmas

chriistmjoy Color Changing Decorative Ball (2 Feet)


Can’t decide what color lights you’d like? This two-foot tall inflatable ball can switch between 16 different colors with a press of its remote control. It can be hung by its sturdy top handle, and at just $20, you can stock up and make a string of color-changing balls to line your lawn.

Santa’S Getting Ready

BZB Goods Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer and Penguins (5 Feet)


We all love to imagine Santa loading up his sleigh before his fabled flight around the world. With this inflatable, your visitors can see him prepping for the big night with help from some adorable penguin pals.

Let it snow

BZB Snowman with Snowflake (4 Feet)


No matter the weather in your neck of the woods, you can always have an itty bitty blizzard on the lawn with this adorable inflatable snow globe snowman. His internal orb keeps a constant flurry or artificial snowflakes that are sure to bring holiday cheer on even the grayest Christmas.

A Yuletide Paradise

BZB Goods Christmas Santa Claus on Vacation (7 Feet)


Is the standard Santa’s red winter coat a cliche to you? Maybe you want your Kris Kringle to be a little more Jimmy Buffett. This Father Christmas and his penguin pal have sought warmer climates this Christmas, the kind we’ll all be dreaming of when it’s time to shovel the walkways.

An Entrance To Holiday Magic

BZB Goods Candy Cane Arch (8 Feet)


Santa, a snowman, and two playful penguins will cheerily welcome your guests to Christmas dinner. This lighted, self-inflating arch stands about 8 feet high and 8 feet wide, so no one will accidentally bump their head.

A North Pole Playground

BZB Goods Santa Claus and Reindeer on Teeter Totter (4 Feet)


Santa likes to have fun, too! Passersby and guests alike will love to catch him playing on a seesaw with his reindeer friend. This self-inflated lawn decoration stays lit through the night with included LED lights.

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